Safety Assurance

At Learn and Drive we are committed to safety. Our students are taught through process that allows them to gain confidence and practical their skills safely, in progressive stages. We monitor the students level of skill and confidence to assure safety.

We encourage parents to come with us to see how we teach their child. It is very important for us all – the student, the parent and the instructor, to be on the same page.

At the onset and throughout:

  • We reinforce the scanning process and why it is very important to use the SEE THINK DO action.
  • We also focus heavily on spacing between cars on the road when following, stopping and parking.

We customize our practical lessons to the skill level of the students and teach skills in a progression that recognizes the students ability and comfort level.

A typical progression of driving skills taught would include the following steps:

  • Assessment: A trial in car examination is conduct as to where to start with a student.
  • Automobile Basics (i.e., instrumentation, gear lever and its function, sitting positions etc)
  • Introduction to Driving Basics (figure eights, breaking and acceleration)
  • Shoulder Checking and Blind Spots (why it is necessary and why it needs to be done, lane changes, what to look for, stops and the different types, hand signals how to use them and when)
  • Turns (right turns with a stop and returns without stop, left turns with a stop and left turns without stop)
  • Intersections, freeways, highways, collision avoidance
  • Back-ups, Advanced Turns, Parking (3 point turns, reverse stall parking, parallel parking, curve parking and shut downs)