At Learn and Drive Academy, we customize our programs to your specific driving needs and will schedule classes to meet your schedule for maximum convenience.  We even pick up and drop off at your own home or school.  We make things simple so that you can focus on learning the best techniques and strategies from us to ensure you become a better driver, and pass the ICBC drivers exam/road test on the 1st try – we have an over 90% success rate in helping our students pass on the 1st attempt!  You’ll be delighted with our quality of lessons and the caring, patient instructors – whether you’re a new driver, new to Canada and need to pass BC driving exams, or just need some new confidence with your driving, we have something here for all.

Our 5 Hour Defensive Driving Course highlights collision avoidance driving techniques.

A sample lesson plan includes:

  • 5 hours of superior one-on-one on-road training
  • 1st hour a thorough practical training on steering, braking, left, right and go through intersections
  • 2nd hour or second day freeway, highway and intersection training, scanning
  • 3rd hour or 3rd day backups, parallel parking, 3 point turns, reverse stall parking
  • 4th hour or 4th day – practice all lessons taught from day 1
  • 5th hour or 5th day – practice all lessons taught and start to work on bad habits or weak maneuvers
  • Lessons are geared towards an individual’s ability.  Each lesson is adapted to the needs of the students. Number of recommended lessons also vary.


You are invited to attend any or all the in-car lessons, to see how we do it. This is very useful and helpful when you will have to practice with our students. Don’t take any unnecessary chances by teaching your child yourself; we will let you know when it is okay to take your child out all by yourself. Let us do the teaching and teach your child to be the safest driver on the road. This is the one skill your child will use for the rest of his or her life and we will ensure they are fully prepared for not only the ICBC exam, but for those unexpected situations with other less-experiences or careless drivers on the road.