Practical Hand On Training Builds Confidence

Practical training is the best way to learn. Hands on lessons in the car, makes the student aware of the real situation and learns quickly and responsibly. At Learn and Drive, we prefer hands on in car practice over classroom training.

There are many reasons why in car lessons are preferred:

  • Whatever is taught in the classroom has to be re-taught in the car.
  • It is a waste of money and time to be repeating this twice and we recommend more time in the car.
  • We do create real life avoidance collisions for the student to practice (in a safe and controlled setting). This prepares them to become confident, patient and in control of their reactions.
  • We take our students to real life driving conditions such as the freeway and downtown. From this they will be better able to drive with confidence on their own and will have experienced a variety of driving conditions before their test and driving on their own.
  • Our students learn how to detect danger and how to avoid them.

How much driving practice should a student have?

At least 60 hours is recommended by our licensing office. Learn and Drive recommends at minimum 100 hours. More practical driving time is always better to insure your skill before taking your test and going out on your own. This allows the student to have the opportunity to experience more “situations” in the safety of their lesson (with an experienced driver and a driver’s education certified vehicle). More practice is always better.

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